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Connecting Students, Educators and Employers Worldwide

Paideia is an educational blockchain built to provide free education, by using the Alpha and Omega DAOs as the treasury reserve model for bonding, staking and reward of the Paideia stable coin called Pai. Originally envisioned for MOOCs, our platform has evolved to become the leading learning solutions for not only MOOCs, but Coaches, therapists, You-tubers, Higher Ed, and Government Organizations alike.

Curriculum & Pedagogy

Until recently, there was a clear dichotomy between classroom-based teaching, often supplemented by technologies, a learning management system, and digital resources, and fully online teaching, in which an entire course is provided online.

Core Academic & Knowledge

Classes are facilitated through a variety of methods, including websites, our mobile app, Metaverse, and more. To receive credits from learning, the student can take a series of classes called Prologues. These classes reward to student in Pai our educational stable coin.

Immersive Virtual Learning

Education in the Metaverse will allow students to study entirely online while still socializing with classmates, watching lectures and participating in subject-specific discussions. Students learn flexibly and at their own pace, with the ability to study abroad remotely.

Alpha & Omega DAO

Pairing the Blockchain with Alpha & Omega DAOs, we can achieve Learn-to-Earn(L2E) AND Earn-to-Learn(E2L) in conjunction with the Open edX, Udemy as well as many other MOOCs and social channels, our protocol will provide a learner-centrist, massively scalable, secure and FREE Educational System.

Our Educational Partners